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  • Annual summer break! 7/29/2016

    Image titleDue to our annual summer break, Richa offices and warehouse will beclosed from Monday 1 August till Friday 5August.We will be back at your service on Monday 8 August.

    Please note that in- & outbound shipments will not be possible during this week.

  • Gloves gloves gloves... 3 new models in stock! 2/4/2016
    Today, 3 new gloves styles arrived in our warehouse, together with some new stock arrivals of carry-over styles:

    - Stevegloves - black (100), brown (1000), white (1800) & orange (500) *NEW*
    Spyder gloves - black (100), white (1800) *NEW*
    Tina lady gloves - black (100), pink (700)  *NEW*
    Waterproof Racing gloves - black (100) & Waterproof Racing lady
    Scoot gloves- black (100), brown (1000)
    Summer Flyladygloves - black (100)
    Custom gloves- beige (800)
    Brooklyn gloves - brown (1000)
    Elegance gloves- grey (200), blue (300), pink (700)
    Basalt II gloves- black (100)
  • Jackets and pants stock arrival! 2/3/2016
    A lot of new 2016 product arrivals this week, check it out as per below:

    Gothamtextile jacket - 3 colorways NEW (1st production)
    Lausanne leather jacket - 2 colorways NEW (2nd production)
    Austinleather jacket NEW (2nd production)
    Vanoiseleather jacket NEW (2nd production)
    Bostonleather jacket - black (100); brown (1000)
    Daytona leather jacket - black (100); blue (300), red (400), cognac (840)
    Daytona ladyjacket - black (100)
    Montannah leather jacket - black (100); white (1800)
    - Montannahleather trousers - black (100)
    Montannah shortleather trousers 
    - black (100)
    Retro Racing leather jacket - black (100) & brown (1000)
    Memphisleather jacket - black (100), brown (1000) & cognac (840)

  • Back in stock: RXA system, full face & jet helmets 2/1/2016

    This week's first arrival concerns the following RXA system and full-face helmets:

    Comet helmet - white (1800), fluo orange (550) & mat black (2100) (see picture)
    Trend helmet - white (1800) & fluo orange (550)
    Xenon helmet - mat black (2100)
    Blade helmet -  mat black (2100) & white (1800)
    - Explorer helmet - mat black (2100), white (1800), Titanium (2000), Fluo yellow (650) & Fluo orange (550)

    In order to reserve your order quantities, please place your order as soon as possible.
  • STOCK ARRIVAL: Hampton jacket & Airvent Evo pants! 1/28/2016
    We are at the start of a very busy period of new stock arrivals. 
    Today, the following products arrived in our warehouse, ready to be distributed:

    - Hampton textile jacket (M) (see picture) NEW
    - Airvent Evo trousers (M/F) - black (100) and red (400) colorways
    - Airvent Evo long leg trousers (M) - black (100) colorway
    Airvent Evo short leg trousers (M) - black (100) colorway

    Do not hesitate to pick your order quickly! 

  • Discover all sensations of the 2016 collection! 1/26/2016
    By clicking the below image, you will find anything you need to launch the Richa 2016 collection! 

    • PDF version of the Richa/RXA 2016catalogue
    • 2016 Collection lists of RICHA / TCX / RXA
    • High-resolution mood shots
    • Richa new product images (HR)
    • RXA new product images (HR)
    • Barcodes of all new 2016 products
  • Products going out of collection 12/31/2015
    The following products of the 2015 collection, will receive the label "OUT OF COLLECTION" starting from January 2016. 
    They will not be reproduced, but will stay available in the B2B shop until they are completely sold out. 

    1RE         Rebel jacket
    1TG-1 TG-1 jacket
    1RX          Rex jacket
    1CAR        Caroline jacket
    1NE          Nelson jacket
    2SPT        Spirit jacket
    7SPT        Spirit trouser
    2SAH        Sahara jacket
    7SAH        Sahara trouser
    7COII        Concept II pants
    2JE           Jeannie jacket
    2ME          Metropole jacket
    2SR           Scar jacket
    2SRM        Scar mesh jacket
    7RAW        Raw jeans
    5KH           Koergan heat gloves
    5TH           Toronto heat gloves
    5WC          Wind Cuff GTX gloves
    5IB            Iceberg GTX glove
    5CH        Chess GTX glove
    5DV        Deauville GTX glove
    5SOW     Soft Winter GTX glove
    5TR        Traffic GTX glove
    5TA        Target glove
    5TU        Tundra glove
    5HAR      Harlem glove
    5DU        Duke glove
    5T171     Chopper glove (perf/non-perf)
    5TRCK    Track glove
    4MOII      Monza II boots
    4ACB      Action boot
    4IM         Imola boot
    4SS        Sunshine boot
    4PR        Pro Racing boot
    4SGII      Spring II boot
    8LB         L Bag
    8LTB       Laptop bag

  • D3O back protectors: 2 shapes available! 6/17/2014

    Richa's new 2014 jackets are equiped with a CENTRAL D3O back protector (rectangle)
    From today on, it's also possible to order a D3O STEALTH back protector, which you can use to change an regular T-shape back protector from an older jacket. 

    Article codes: 8D3B D3O central back protector (Level 1) 
    8D3BS D3O stealth back protector (Level 1)

    Hint: check the size of the protector pocket of older models. On the product page of both back protectors, you will find the images above in higher resolution, with their length/width dimensions.